Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips to kickstart your sex life

You've been married only five years, but you feel it's been a long, long time. When you fall into bed, all you are dying to do is close your eyes.

If sex is the farthest from your mind while in bed with your partner, it's time for some inward thinking. Here are ten ways to kick-start your love life and bring back the passion which is so absent right now!

Togetherness is it. No kids, no work, just the two of you. And please leave those cellphones behind. Go out on a date all by yourselves and if you can't do that send the kids packing to their fav aunt. She'll only be too happy to keep them over the weekend while the two of you can have the house to yourselves. Catch a movie in bed, make love and be your most intimate selves – like you were in the early part of the relationship.

Have fun. There was a recent study which stated that the couples who are enjoying themselves doing outdoorsy stud like bungee jumping, dancing, trekking were happiest together. The more you share special interests the more close the couple will be.

Look inwards too. Meditate, exercise, swim – so anything to increase your energy levels. An active partner is the more sexy one. And stay connected to your better half as well.

Look good. Chances are you will feel great. Really look at yourself in the mirror – do you need a facial, bleach or threading done? When was the last time you had a manicure? And what about your feet – are they like a fisherwoman? Love the way you look, and your partner will fall into step with you.

Stay within touching distance. Be spontaneous, kiss hug or hold without expecting sex to be the natural outcome. Let the feeling linger...remember the night is still there...

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